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Photo Link and Results

Thank you all so much for coming and participating! Please see the link for the photos from the fabulous Helen Houghton


Helen Houghton's Photos

Please see the photos here. Should you like to purchase a high quality copy or print of these photos please feel free to reach out to Helen directly @ If you would like to post these photos please give photo credit to Helen Houghton.


Hunt Division

Ideal Time 54:27    

23       57m 9s
283     58m 27s
47       1h 10m 19s
289     1h 15m 46s
291     1h 20m 37s
18       1h 23m 7s
4         1h 25m 1s
32       1h 27m 37s
281     1h 29m 13s
20       1h 36m 26s
292     1h 37m 5s
293     1h 41m 28s


Pleasure Division

Ideal Time 1:04:27    

Team- Time
37    1h 27m 22s
5      1h 30m 29s
38    1h 42m 1s
290   1h 42m 5s
285   1h 43m 19s
282   1h 45m 14s
287   1h 45m 59s
288   1h 47m 19s
8        1h 51m 7s
284    1h 51m 43s
17      1h 53m 21s
24       1h 56m 7s

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